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Filtration and softening of water

The quality of the water coming into an air humidifying system is vital. Filtration and demineralization ensure that no solids or contaminants are present in the water being used for humidifying purposes, but the raw water must conform to local drinking water standards.

On the water intake, an Airtec® system always consists of a series of filtration and purification units.  

Primary mechanical filter

The primary mechanical filter is the first inline component in the water intake. Its function is to clean the water of any solids - the later filtration and demineralization of the water take place further down the line.

The filter is fitted with a manometer, allowing flow rate to be monitored.  


After the primary filter, the water is treated in a softening unit. The unit removes metal ions like calcium and magnesium that occur as bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates which can cause a variety of problems such as fouling or galvanic corrosion. The softener depends on an ion-exchange resin in which Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions are exchanged for sodium ions. 

The double-filter system ensures that one filter unit is always in operation, allowing the inactive filter to automatically go through a rinsing process.

Carbon filter and secondary filter

The carbon filter is installed whenever there is a risk of chlorine levels in the supply water higher than local standards. Some countries add chlorine to drinking water in order to remove health hazards - see complete list of countries using fluoridated water here

The secondary mechanical filter is a backup filter which will pick up any large particles in the event of the primary filter or the softener malfunctioning. During servicing, any miscolouration of the filter can be an indication of the working state of the primary filter.

By visual inspection of the filtrated material, it is possible to spot problems with the water supply itself - please contact us if you are in doubt what to look for.  

Read more about our water filtration units in our system guide.

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